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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wacky Olymipics

Last week on the Friday the 19th of August Vardon schools senior syndicate we had the Wacky Olympics. The events were: Discus, straw Javelin, Wheelbarrow race and counter-toss. When you come first place, you get a gold medal and a hat with leaves, second place- silver (you get a hat with leaves for everyone who gets a place), and third place is bronze.
Room 14 represented Swaziland
Niketa competed in Discus and won gold for getting the furthest throw!
Adam competed in Counter toss and won Bronze!
So room 14 won two medals Gold and Bronze!
I had loads of fun and I hope everyone else enjoyed it too! :)

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

End of year reflection

Something we did this year that I would probably remember for the rest of my life is doing really cool fun brain breaks like Peanut Butter in a cup and wishy washer woman. Something I accomplished this year was being nominated to be a student councillor.( we decided this year to be prepared for next year) 1 thing i think was the nicest thing anyone has done to me this year was Mrs Gunn letting us Friday games and doing the marble treat which is when we can have an anonymous vote on what we should have for a fun day like Rm 14's got talent with shared lunch, pillows,stuffed animals,pj's and even a movie !The most hardest part this year was finding a friend.My favourite place in the school is the field because you can do gymnastics ,sports etc.That is just some of my reflection, but the most challenging part of the year was doing the absailing at camp.My goal for 2016 is to listen,respect and be nice to others including family.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Fruit Kebabs

On Friday 25th of September, we made fruit kebabs.Mrs Gunn had to gather the classroom into four groups .We had to bring some fruit but we had to make sure that another person in out group didn't have the same fruit.Mrs Gunn then let us sit in our groups and we got to pick some of the fruit from the people in our groups .There was apple,banana,strawberries ,grapes and mandarins for my group .Mrs Gunn let us have a treat with it , marshmallows and unexpectedly CHOCOLATE SAUCE!!!The thing i most enjoyed was eating and making the fruit kebabs.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Habitat Box

A habitat box is a box with an animal's habitat/enclosure.I chose one of the big five in south Africa ,it was the African Leopard. My habitat box shows the animal, with its enemy ( Human) that the leopard can't exactly see. It also shows its food ( meat) that were buttons painted red. There is also a shelter with some rocks near .And also a bush. ( with the human behind it)The hardest bit of my habitat box to make was the shelter because it kept on coming apart but then it finally was hot glued on properly and stayed that way. I'm most proud of my little rock cave ( that can't even fit the leopard inside)because it may be little but it sticks together and it won't end up falling down.You can visit the classroom to see our habitat boxes up close.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Our school production

At Vardon ,we are having a production .The theme is Cultural connections .My group is south African which is funny because I'm not south African.I'm performing in the gumboot dance and I am an African Leopard for our African dance.I say ... We are Leopard!We run up to 58 kilometres an hour!The first thing we do for our production is the Gumboot dance .A gumboot dance was a dance native to south African people did to protest. It is now often performed at welcoming ceremonies  When you practise the gumboot dance ,it gets a lot easier .But at the start you are just think :Oh um this is hard how am I going to pull it off.And then we do a dance for the lion sleeps tonight. The dance moves follow in with the song/lyrics. The thing I'm most exited about(For performing to the audience) is getting to share this dance with them and teach them a little bit about Africa.I'm most nervous about dancing and saying my lines because i don't wanna muck anything up our make people laugh at me because when i muck up, they will look at me because I would stand out.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Student led conference

On Tuesday the 18th of August,I had my student led conference.I shared about my reading,writing,maths,topic and a learning log reflection about the trumps.For my reading I shared about how I had a W.A.L.T that was ,discuss whether the story could be true or false ,I said it was true and it was true.Then i shared about the questions I did ,some of the questions were describe the story setting.What kind of environment do the family live in?And what would it be like living in this situation 24/7?I replied the setting is in Nikos home in Bosnia .This family lives in a sort of unsafe ,poor and a selfish environment.To live in this situation 24/7 would be absolutely terrifying.For my maths I shared about my goals like my beginning of the year goals,that was counting up in my fives to get to one hundred .And how I had to use the reverse strategy to improve my maths. (working on )For my topic I shared about my favourite topic and that was the water cycle because I had never heard about the water cycle (before Mrs Gunn told me about it)and its fun and entertaining .My mum and brother (Corban) came to my student led conference.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Seven sharp interview last Wednesday!!!

Last Wednesday, the Seven Sharp producer,Doug Wilson (the author) and his wife,Dave the camera man and Bill the illustrator came.We were all so exited to see Doug Wilson and the seven sharp crew!The first thing that happened was when Erin (The producer of Seven Sharp) came and talked to us about if we were all exited or not ,but we were all super exited!So really we were really just a bunch of kids screaming at her.She and Seven Sharp were also very exited to see us.We kept looking at the camera so we could get a better shot  to be on TV , I was one of them ,he he.The most interesting part of the day was when we all got to get a free copy of the BOOK!!!WOO HOO,I was almost crying,But i was only getting watery eyes.I learnt really that we are very lucky that Doug Wilson wanted to write an adventurous story about us.What i enjoyed the most about that day was getting to meet and have a nice chat to Doug Wilson,I also gave him a hug like some yr 6's did.The part of the day that I will remember the most was meeting Doug Wilson for the first time,getting a book that no one else in the world could get until this yr on July the 13th and getting a signature from everyone that came. Some of us got interviewed .